Los Vikingos with Ralf Christensson

Pikes Peak -12, -13 and -14

2012 we came back with a twist. Loaded with a co-pilot, Magnus Widén we where ready to win the class. Or at least make some trouble for the rest. And we did stock up on car too with Todd Landon’s yellow and black Mustang named Phatt Man. A really powerful beast compared to last years race. Did a small local vintage race in June with the car to test it. So much power and great fun. Pikes Peak race was postponed to August because of heavy forest fires but he good news was that it was now fully paved. Good for a track driver like me. So practice days, we blew the competition to pieces. Not just by a couple of seconds but more like 10 seconds faster per practice. In Vintage class I must say. Me and Magnus did a great job, the car worked perfect. Then of course when all is good, the bad happens. Last practice, last day before the race, we lost the brakes on the car and hit the rocks. That was the end of 2012. No times, no race and no win.

2013 was the year for to aim for. Still with Phatt Man, fixed and better than ever. Co-pilots where not allowed any more. But Magnus was there with me again making sure the car worked perfect. And it did, first in class with a time of 12:08.507.

2014 came and so did we. Phatt Man better again and so were we. After that race we did it again and set a new Vintage record that still holds today of 10:46.000 .

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