Los Vikingos with Ralf Christensson

Racing the world

Los Vikingos as a team started back in 2005. But we have raced before that.

My name is Ralf Christensson, from Sweden. I took my license 2004 and after that started to race local series here in Sweden called MSLS, Mellansvenska LĂ„ngloppsserien. It’s a series with 6 races per year, summer time. Each race is 8 hours in a kind of standard touring cars. Somewhere between 2 to 8 drivers per car. Endurance racing with great fund and lots of close action on tracks.

After that, it just took of!

A friend of mine suggested the 7-day long La Carrera Panamericana in Mexico. Me as a navigator, or Co-piloto. That was a great adventure, fun scary and more. So the next year I bought myself a Ford Falcon Futura Sprint and took of. So far it’s been 7 Carreras.

Getting bored of racing Mexico?? no kidding. Looking for more adventures Pikes Peak International Hill Climb came up. Signed up in the Vintage class that ran back then 2011. Shipped my Falcon, but due to a very careful Customs employee I needed to rent a Mustang for my first race there. After that first race, that was slow and scary, I have been back racing there 5 more times. Different car models but always seem to end up with Fords in some form.

During that time a new race started in Mexico. The Chihuahua Express. Same format but for 3 days in the northern part of Mexico. So of course needed to do that also. First one in 2013 and then it’s been a total of 7 races there to.

So it’s been a lot of focus on that side of the planet. But my MSLS races I am still doing. And during all these years, w have been racing in Germany and Australia to as well as a 24hour race in Mexico City.

Here’s a list of past adventures. Click on the title to check out what we did!

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