Los Vikingos with Ralf Christensson

Pikes Peak 2015

After 2014 I didn’t really want to do it again with Phatt Man. Thinking that there was no point in the same car, and already had a record with that car. So my decision then was to not enter. Come early 2015, the evening of the last day to send in your application for entry, me and a friend had dinner at a local place. Along with the beers, we talked about Pikes and how I didn’t really wanted to so it, but at the same time did.

Some beers later, we came to the conclusion that I should do it. Gave Todd Landon, the owner of Phatt Man, a call and said “Let’s go to Pikes!”. Unfortunately Phatt Man was already booked with another driver. After some talk Todd offered me another car, an AC Cobra replica. Lets do it I said. Rushed to the office, and entered at the last minute. So new car means new adventures. Signed up Magnus to in another of Todd’s Mustangs.

Came race day with great weather before lunch, my start was after lunch. Of course it starts to rain and finally the shortened the track to half. So racing was pretty boring and the result not great. Me and Magnus came second and third.

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