Los Vikingos with Ralf Christensson

The people that makes Los Vikingos great

Formed in 2005 before our second attempt in La Carrera Panamericana, we needed a name for the team. Rally in Mexico and a team from Sweden, Estonia Ruf, the wife of Alois Ruf, came up with Los Vikingos. Vikings with a Mexican twist. Team Los Vikingos isn’t really a fixed set of members. There has been lots of people involved during many races that calls themself Los Vikingos. Below is a short presentation of great team members that helped us to win during all these years. We have probably forgot to mention some but will try to include us all.

Here we are

Images and logos for Los Vikingos

Some of the logos and images we have used during the years.

Our Post cards, T-shirts and other stuff during the years

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