Los Vikingos with Ralf Christensson

Pikes Peak 2011, the first year

The Press is all about the Swede

The first year of Los Vikingos Pikes Peak adventure was 2011. Since I already had a vintage racer, my Ford Falcon Futura Sprint, I figured that it was the car to use. Plan was also to do the Silverstate Highway Classic and then La Carrera Panamericana. I shipped it to Los Angeles with time in LA to pick it up and drive it Colorado. The one thing I didn’t really factor in was US Custom. They kept the car. Arrived in Colorado without a car. Called a bunch of people there and somehow I got in touch with Bob Hill. After some discussions, he and his friends welded together a Mustang for me to use, borrowed racing gear for me in various sizes and fixed tech inspection! All in about 24 hours. I was able to do the race. One third of the course with gravel, unknown car with stock engine, brakes and tires. Me as a rookie but after the race I was hooked. Time: amazing 14:18.881

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